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A flight training company that offers part-time and accelerated instruction.

What we believe

Supporting goals, aspirations, and dreams of our students.

What we stand for

Integrity, teamwork, and audacious goals.

About Us: Overview

Flex Air Aviation was founded by Charlie Copeland on the belief that flight training is more than just how to fly an airplane. It’s about joining a community, becoming a respected professional, and not just a job. Since Flex Air’s humble beginnings of one plane and a family loan in 2016, our company has doubled in size every year following. In 2018, Charlie met Paul Wynns, and decided to team up to take Flex Air to the next level. Together, we added operations in San Diego, CA and Amarillo, TX with the main base location in Manhattan, KS. Through it all, as Flex Air leadership we have yet to lose focus on our belief that every student pilot is an individual. In aviation, every pilot’s work/life goals are unique so therefore the career paths may also vary. At Flex Air, we measure our success by the career opportunities that we create for every student.

We are an aviation company led by minorities and veterans focused on increasing minority representation in every corner of our industry. We seek out industry partners and hiring managers most closely aligned with our core beliefs of equity, inclusion, and diversity. We create career opportunities for all students no matter what their background.

At the core of all of our programs we recognize the value of time while maintaining the highest level of safety.

Our vision of aviation’s future is inclusive, diverse, and innovative. We are One Crew. We also recognize that although aviation plays an important role in our global economy, it can have a negative impact on our environment. Flex Air is committed to doing our part by launching one of the world’s first all-electric, zero-emissions training fleets, which our students will begin flying by 2023.


We train in a structured environment using electronic scheduling systems, crew resource management (CRM), and a safety management system (SMS).

Happy New Year from the Flex Air Crew!
What are your 2021 resolutions? How can you expand your experience and get outside your comfort zone this year? Maybe start that Private Pilot training you have been putting off, or take the next step and get your Instrument Rating. Whatever your goals are this year, the door is open..

We are the only flight school to operate with a written pandemic protocol, of which we have advanced to the WARNING level. Under this protocol, we are doing the highest amount of risk mitigation to continue operating safely. With these measures in place, our estimates is the risk of transmission is 0.003%. Shout-out to our crews for stepping up to the plate and setting an example for the rest of the country on how to operate safely. ...

Shoutout to one of our newest private pilots, Patrick in our Kansas location. Patrick started with Flex originally back in 2016 and then after two deployments was finally able to finish! ✈️ ...

Ready to fly corporate? Our team is hard at work building more pipelines for our past, present and future students. On top of our @jetlinxav and @airchoiceone partnerships, we will be announcing more in the next few months! ...

Four checkride passes this week? Heck yes! ...

Not looking very spooky over here 🤓. Shoutout for the awesome picture from Captain Noah, our first 16 year old solo student! ...

CFI-I complete! Congrats to Josh for the checkride!
Flex Air instructors boast a 92.5% first-time pass rate on checkrides. Almost 50% higher than the national average 💪🏽✈️👌🏽

We’re expecting (Skillbridge interns)! Our application period is open, if you’d like to apply check out ...

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