• We train hard, every day. ​There are no shortcuts in aviation career. Nobody is going to build our skills for us. It’s up to us to put in the hard work every day.
  • We succeed as a crew. ​Aviation career is a team sport. We back each other up in our successes and hold each other accountable for our mistakes.
  • Master the fundamentals. ​We treat every maneuver, procedure, and rule with respect and give them our full effort and focus.
  • It’s about careers and opportunity. ​We measure our success by the aviation career opportunities we create for every student.
  • Remember the prize. ​We set clear career goals, and pursue them relentlessly. Aviation training is a long path and we’ll keep our eyes on our objective every step of the way.
aviation career

Why Flex Air Training

“Our people, our pilots, are the most important part of the aviation industry.” – Paul Wynns, CEO and President.
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Flex Air Students

“On the flight deck, our instructors and students are taught to work as a crew, as a team, at all times.” – Charlie Copeland, COO and Founder.

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Recent Awards

2019 Inducted into the University of California StartR Rady Accelerator Program for innovative tech startups.

2020 winner of Founders First Capital Partners Pitch Competition Award for minority and veteran-owned small businesses.

aviation career
aviation career
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